Our prayer is that through the Scholar Sponsorship Program, college students will be encouraged as they meet the demands of college life, and be enabled to grow in their faith in Christ as their ultimate Support. 


Many students from our congregation choose to attend college out of town. Great opportunities await them, as well as challenges and struggles. It’s very important for college students to have a support network, and their home church can be a powerful source of strength and encouragement for their faith and life in school. One way that we want to support college students and keep them connected to our church is through scholar sponsorship.

Support a student as they enter the world to advance their career options through university and college study. You can be a part of their education journey through financial, care and prayer support.

Sponsoring a college student comes with a few responsibilities.

  • We also ask that you commit to texting or sending a note to your scholar at least once month to let them know that you are thinking about them.
  • We ask that you send your scholar at least one care package per semester that contains their favorite goodies or needs that they may have.
  • Invite the student to meet together with you and your family at least once a year when they are in town. 
  • Pray for your student on a regular basis with your family. 
  • This sponsorship is a commitment that lasts during your scholar's time in college.

Because of your willingness to be a sponsor, you too will help in keeping them connected to the faith. Thank you for being a part of life change in the lives!