MA, LCPC, Clinical Professional Counselor

My name is Shannon Bagnara and I am excited to partner with Faith Community by providing counseling services. I earned my Bachelors in Psychology from Concordia University in 2015 and my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Towson University in 2018. I work with adults and adolescents using a trauma-informed, holistic approach to treatment. I specialize in working with trauma, anxiety, depression and difficulty with life adjustments. I believe mental health needs are best addressed by taking mind, body, spiritual and relational needs into account. An additional goal of mine in this partnership is to connect members of your community to other helpful mental health resources beyond my scope of practice.

Contact Information

Shannon Bagnara, MA, LCPC

Compassion Wellness Services, PLLC

Business Cell: (702) 919-5127

Office: (725) 251-5110

Faith Community Lutheran Church

3505 South Town Center Drive, 2nd Floor

Las Vegas, NV, 89135

Information on Services

To anyone affiliated with Faith Community Lutheran Church, Faith Lutheran Academy or Faith Lutheran Preschool, I am offering free 30-minute mental health consultations where I provide brief support and resources, and then as needed either offer my counseling services if it’s a good fit, or referrals within in the Las Vegas community if that is more relevant.

For those who would like to work with me but are unable to afford my usual rate of $125 per hour session, I will have a set amount of pro-bono sessions available on an application basis. Please note that the clientele I usually work with are either adolescent or adult individuals. 

You can either contact me directly to request a mental health consultation OR visit my website to request an appointment. I look forward to serving you in this way!


Clinical Professional Counselor Intern

Christian counseling services have now expanded at Faith Community! Compassion Wellness Services PLLC is excited to welcome Esther Aykarethu, Clinical Professional Counselor Intern, to the team. Esther works with individuals age 6 and older as well as families and couples.

Contact Esther at or (702) 500-1219 to inquire about Christian counseling. 

Faith Community Lutheran Church

3505 South Town Center Drive, 2nd Floor

Las Vegas, NV, 89135