Our world has been turned upside down by COVID19, but it is a unique time to reflect the love of Christ. 

Find a way that's right for you to bring hope, help and healing to others!


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Faith Community has joined with Christian churches and medical clinics in the valley to form a Christian coalition called

CITY SERVE LV whose vision is “To see the church in the Las Vegas valley caring for people in and through Christ’s love.” 

City Serve LV will be positioned to respond to various crises that come our way in this valley as we navigate our way in this fallen world. 

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, one need is for virus testing. By filling that need, we are serving our community and helping it to reopen more quickly. But more importantly, this service to our community opens up a huge opportunity for us to share the love of Christ with every person that drives onto our campus. 

On Saturday, May 30 from 9am - 1pm, Faith Community Lutheran Church will utilize its parking lot as a COVID-19 mobile testing site where hundreds of vehicles will come to be tested.

We have several types of positions to fill:

  • Medical Professionals: Conducting all aspects of screening/tests. Hours vary
  • Logistics: Help designate traffic flow - communicate God's love through handheld signs. 7am - 1pm
  • Evangelism/Prayer: Sharing God's love in prayer, some of His promises and the After-Care program. 7am - 1pm
  • Setup Team: Prepare popup tents, signage, tables and all aspects of event. 6am - 9am
  • Teardown Team: Cleanup disinfected tables, popups, signage and all aspects of event. 1pm - 3pm
  • After-Care Teams: Care for families who are COVID-positive and in 14-day quarantine through one or all of the following: daily phone call, grocery/pharmacy prepaid pickup, prayer. 2 week commitment to a family

Food Drive

for the Hungry

Hunger is not in quarantine. The unemployed population in Vegas just sky-rocketed. You can help families put food in the table by bringing your non-perishable food donations to the church office parking lot for a no-contact drop off. Hours are: 

Monday - Friday from 9am - Noon

All donations will be go to the Balm of Gilead as they share the Gospel to their clients.



Prayer Connection - We are back! 

Now gathering together in the Sanctuary for prayer!

Tuesdays at 6:00pm PST.  All are invited to join us.

The time of prayer is flexible and guided by the Holy Spirit. Some love to pray through Scripture, some come with prepared prayers, some from the heart as the Spirit leads and some simply pray along in their spirit. 

We will be adhering to social distancing guidelines with 6' feet separation and groups of 9 or less. 

Questions or comments? Please contact Linda


mercy mats

With the amount of people that are literally living on the streets due to COVID-19 exposure, we are reaching out with the mercy of Christ to make sleeping mats. The mats are made from recyclable plastic grocery bags and provide warmth and layer of comfort. This is also a great way to get your family involved!

There are several ways you can get involved in this project!
1. Bring in clean plastic bags to church
2. Prepare the plastic yarn or Plarn - great project for the whole family
3. Crochet the mats
Bring bags, plarn and mats to church Mon, Wed, Fri from 9am - Noon

For more information call Margie (702-364-8733) or Linda (702-439-7902)

DIY Video Instructions to make Plarn & Crochet the Mat - Watch Here


to the Sick, Elderly and Shut-Ins

Our Visitation Ministry Team, which used to visit our hospitalized and homebound, has now shifted to a Telecare Ministry.  They have been joined by many members who want to call members, pray for members, and see how members are doing and if there is anything they need.  Now just a word of caution: YOU MAY GET CALLED MORE THAN ONCE BY MORE THAN ONE PERSON!  That’s because your brothers and sisters in Christ are eager to connect with you to encourage you!  Enjoy getting to know them! 

Want to join the team?  Email Rev Here

For more information on any mission opportunities

Contact Linda Kurtz

702-439-7902 (text/call)