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Epiphany 2018 Worship Series


God’s first words when He began creating the world were, “Let there be light!” And with those words, God’s light invaded the darkness. And after He created
everything else, it was good. But then, Adam and Eve fell into sin and brought darkness back into the world. That’s why God sent His Son, Jesus, the Light of the World, into this world. Through His life and ministry, Jesus said, “Let there be light!” And His kingdom of light began to push back the kingdom of darkness! As beneficiaries of His sacrificial death and His glorious resurrection, we are reflectors of His light, so that His light can continue overcoming the darkness. That is our joy and privilege until the Last Day, when Jesus returns in glory, and darkness will be no more.


January 6 & 7 - “A Light in the Night”


January 13 & 14 - “Light from Above”


January 20 &21 - “Follow the Light”


January 27 & 28 - “Pushing Back the Darkness”


February 3 & 4 - “Preparing to Light the Way”


February 10 & 11 - “Light in the Darkness”