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"Table Talk"

Many of us remember the last meal we had with a loved one.  And we treasure the words they shared at that meal.  The words that Jesus shared with His disciples at their last meal together are words that we still treasure - especially when they are understood from the perspective of the cross and the empty tomb.

March 9/10: "I'll Come Back for You"

March 16/17: "You Won't be Alone"

March 23/24: "Let's Stay Connected"

March 30/31: "Get Ready to Love and to be Hated by the World"

March 6/7: "From Grief to Joy"

"Finding Our Savior in the Psalms"

Did you know there is more detail about the Passion of Christ in the Psalms than in the Gospels?  As we reflect upon selected Psalms this Lenten season, these Psalms will remind us of our need for our Savior Jesus and help us relive His Passion that met our need for His salvation.

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March 13: "Sacrifices that Please God"

March 20: "The Great Cover-Up"

March 27: "It's the Pits"

April 3: "Drowning in Thirst"

April 10: "Where are You, God?"

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Sunday, March 17

"You Won't Be Alone"

Series: "Table Talk"

Pastor Bob Sundquist