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Summer Worship Series - "Finding your identity in Christ"

Too often, we try to find our identity in all the wrong places—the degrees we hold, the jobs we do, the people we know, the functions we attend, the health or wealth we possess.  But eventually, these will lead us to an identity crisis.


Who are we?  The good news of Christianity is that our identity does not rest in what we do.  We don’t have to create our identity.  God has created our identity through Jesus.  And because we belong to Him, what we do flows out of our thanksgiving for who we are, and Whose we are! 


6/2-6/3: iAM


6/9-6/10: iLIVE


6/16-6/17: iPRAY


6/23-6/24: iWORSHIP


6/30-7/1: iLOVE


7/7-7/8: iFORGIVE


7/14-7/15: iWORK


7/21-7/22: iREST


7/28-7/29: iREJOICE


8/4-8/5: iSERVE


8/11-8/12: iSHARE