African Radio Ministries

 ...that thy way be made known upon the earth...let all the people praise thee."  Psalm 67:23 for more information

Linda Kurtz recently joined Rev John Duitsman, the president and founder of ARM, on a field visit to witness the wonderful ministry going on in Ethiopia. 

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Vision & History

In January, 2005 African Radio Ministries (ARM) began broadcasting weekly Lutheran worship programs aimed at two regions. In Liberia, 5 different programs are broadcast and reach out to 4 different language groups. The Ethiopian programs are broadcast from South Africa and are offered in two languages, Amharic and Oromifa. Offices were established in Addis Ababa and in Margibi County, Liberia where programs are produced. Listeners make contact with ARM staff at these offices to learn more about what it means to follow Christ. 

     The purpose of the programs is to provide a way for people to hear the Gospel and to worship and praise God in a manner that is similar to a simple church service but under the leadership of radio pastors. Listeners are encouraged to gather around the radio with their relatives and neighbors and to participate in the service wherever possible -- by singing and praying and saying the Apostles Creed and the Lords prayer along with the radio pastor. At the end of the program contact information is given so that listeners can telephone or write for literature and for the Bible study course. They are also given information about churches that are nearby so that they can make the connection to other Christians where that is possible. 

     The offices are receiving letters and calls that tell about the blessings of the program to communities and individuals in both regions. The number of office contacts now averages about five hundred letters and calls each month. The number of listener groups that have reported that they worship under the leadership of the radio pastor is over one thousand. Many more worship groups exist that have not written. ARM staff and friends are discussing ways to bring these people into the larger fellowship of the Mekane Yesus Church. 

     In situations where no established churches can be found nearby, the groups will first of all be given Bibles, catechisms and Bible study courses. Then the office will try to make arrangements for the worship group leader to meet with an evangelist that can provide further instruction. Where that is not practical because of geographical, political or religious obstacles, the ARM staff will seek a special solution such as traveling to the area. In some cases mail is the only means of contact that is available.